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pztrn - Hard life back

8 years ago I wrote track "Hard way back". It was just a music, arranged in Techno eJay, with "Hard way back" sentence, pronounced by woman.

In about a week I made a "Hard way back (Half-Life Invasion remake)" (excuse me for quality, it was lost and then redownloaded from my vk.com page). This track was (again) made in Techno eJay, so there was no samples produced by me at all. But this track got a big love within my friends circle, this was my first "kinda success".

After 8 years I and my friend Dmitri starts to talk about old times and about this track specifically. I listen to this track for 3 times, and said: "Fuck that quality, I will do a remake!". So here it is: a remake of my ol'good track.

This track using some proprietary sounds from Half-Life game, produced by VALVe.